...all the peoples see his glory ~ Psalm 97:6

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Meeting CityChurch NameAlternate NameEthnic GroupLanguageCountry
CalgaryCalgary Chinese Mennonite Church ChineseChineseChina
CalgaryEthiopian Evangelical Church in Calgary Ethiopia and Eriteria Ethiopia, Eriteria
CalgaryLao Community Mennonite ChurchCalgary Thai-Lao Community ChurchLaotianLaotianLaos
CalgaryOromo Christian Fellowship OromoOromo, Afaan Oromoo, OromiffaEthiopia
CalgaryPhiladelphia Assembly of God Church in Calgary Ethiopian and Ertriean ChurchAmharicEthiopia and Ertriea
EdmontonEdmonton Chinese Mennonite Church ChineseChineseChina
EdmontonEthiopian Evangelical Church in Edmonton Ethiopian, EritreanAmharicEthiopia, Eritrea
EdmontonMaranatha Karen Canada
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