Then I was told, "You must prophesy again about many peoples, nations, languages and kings." ~ Revelation 10:11

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Meeting CityChurch NameAlternate NameEthnic GroupLanguageCountry
BellevueIglesia Latinoamericana a Covenant ChurchLa Iglesia LatinoamericanaHispanicSpanish, Español, Portuguese, PortuguéseMexico, Brazil
KentSudanes Community Church of WashingtonSCC, Sudanese Community Church of WashingtonSudanese and non-SudaneseArabicOpen to all country
KirklandKorean Kirkland Covenant Church KoreanKoreanSouth Korea
SeattleHmong Seattle Alliance Church Hmong, HmoobHmong, HmoobThailand, Laos
SeattleNorthwest Hmong Alliance Church Hmong, HmoobHmong, HmoobThailand, Laos
SeattleUnited Ormo Church of God of ProphecyTokkummaa Waldaa Kiristiyaanaa OromooOromoOromo, Afaan Oromoo, OromiffaEthiopia
SpokaneHmong Alliance Church Hmong, HmoobHmong, HmoobThailand, Laos
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