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Wisconsin Churches for You to Visit

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Meeting CityChurch NameAlternate NameLanguageEthnic GroupMeeting Time
AppletonAppleton Hmong Baptist Mission Hmong, HmoobHmong, HmoobSunday 2:00 p.m.
AppletonHmong Alliance Church Hmong, HmoobHmong, Hmoob 
AppletonSaint Paul Hmong Lutheran Church Hmong, HmoobHmong, Hmoob 
BeloitEspiritu de Esperanza Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
Eau ClaireEau Claire Hmong Alliance ChurchFirst Eau Claire HmongHmong, HmoobHmong, HmoobSunday 10:00 a.m.
Fort AtkinsonIglesia Bautista Renacer Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
Green BayAmigos de Cristo Lutheran Church Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
Green BayConfraternidad Metodista Unida Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
Green BayGreen Bay Hmong Alliance Church Hmong, HmoobHmong, Hmoob 
JanesvilleIglesia de Una Vida Nueva Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
KenoshaEvangelio Eterno Baptist Church Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
KenoshaFirst Hispanic United Methodist Church Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
KenoshaIglesia Bautista El Calvario Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
KenoshaIglesia de Dios Pentecostal Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
KenoshaKorean United Methodist Church KoreanKorean 
Kenosha Pentecostal Church of God M.I.Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal M.I.SpanishHispanicSunday-11:00am, Tuesday-7:00pm & Thursday-7:00pm
La CrosseAgape Asian Ministry ELCA Hmong and EnglishHmongSunday 9:00 AM
La CrosseHmong Faith Alliance Church Hmong, HmoobHmong, Hmoob 
Lake GenevaIglesia Metodista Unida Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
MadisonHmong Evangelical Church Hmong, HmoobHmong, Hmoob 
MadisonKorean Madison Sah-Lang Church KoreanKorean 
MadisonKorean Mission United Methodist Church KoreanKorean 
MadisonKorean Presbyterian Church of Madison KoreanKorean 
MadisonLighthouse Church Spanish, EspañolHispanicSunday 10:30 a.m.
MadisonMadison Chinese Christian Church麥城華人基督教會Cantonese, MandarinChineseSunday 11:00 a.m.
MadisonMadison Hmong Baptist ChurchMadison Hmong Baptist MissionHmong, HmoobHmong, Hmoob 
MadisonPuerta La Hermosa Iglesia Hispana Metodista Unida Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
MadisonVictory Hmong Alliance ChurchVictory Hmong Alliance Church of C&MAHmong, HmoobHmong, Hmoob 
MadisonVida Nueva Church of the NazareneVida Nueva Iglesia del NazarenoSpanish, EspañolHispanic 
MadisonVoces Unidas Iglesia Pentecostal Spanish, EspañolHispanicSunday 1:00 p.m.
MadisonWater of Life Korean Presbyterian Church KoreanKorean 
ManitowocFirst German Hmong Lutheran Church Hmong, HmoobHmong, Hmoob 
ManitowocManitowoc Hmong Alliance Church Hmong, HmoobHmong, Hmoob 
MenashaAppleton Korean Presbyterian KoreanKorean 
MenomonieHmong Alliance Church Hmong, HmoobHmong, Hmoob 
MequonChinese Christian Church ChineseChinese 
MilwaukeeCentro Cristiano MaranataIglesia Apostolica MaranataSpanish, EspañolHispanic12:00 PM SUNDAYS/ 7:00 PM THURSDAYS
MilwaukeeCentrobrook ChruchCentro de la Familia CristianaSpanish, Español, All is bilingual Spanish-EnglishHispanic - multicultural11 am Sundays
MilwaukeeChinese Christian Church of Milwaukee米城中華基督教會Mandarin, CantoneseChineseSunday 9:30 a.m.
MilwaukeeChinese Community Baptist Church華人基督教會CantoneseChineseSunday 11:00 a.m.
MilwaukeeEvangelical Baptist Church - HispanicIglesia Evangelica Bautista de MilwaukeeSpanishHispanic11 am Sundays
MilwaukeeFaith in Christ Hmong Alliance Church Hmong, HmoobHmong, Hmoob 
MilwaukeeGrace Hmong Alliance ChurchHmong Alliance ChurchHmong, HmoobHmong, Hmoob 
MilwaukeeHispanic Disciple of Christ Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
MilwaukeeHispanic Pentecostal Church Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
MilwaukeeHmong Christian Community United Methodist ChurchHmong United Methodist, SouthsideHmongHmongSunday 9:00 - 12:00
MilwaukeeHmong First Baptist Church Hmong, HmoobHmong, HmoobSunday 10:45 a.m.
MilwaukeeIglesia Apostolica Pentecostal Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
MilwaukeeIglesia Cristiana Maranatha Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
MilwaukeeIglesia Evangelica Bautista Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
MilwaukeeIglesia Evangelica Getsemani Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
MilwaukeeIglesia Movimieno Pentecostal Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
MilwaukeeIglesia Pentecostal Ebenezer Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
MilwaukeeIglesia Pentecostal Tito Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
MilwaukeeKorean Baptist Church - Milwaukee KoreanKorean 
MilwaukeeKorean Church of Milwaukee KoreanKorean 
MilwaukeeKorean New Life Church KoreanKorean 
MilwaukeeKorean Presbyterian Church KoreanKorean 
MilwaukeeLa Iglesia de la Trinidad Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
MilwaukeeLa Luz del Mundo Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
MilwaukeeLao Christian Church LaotianLaotian 
MilwaukeeMinisterios (A.L.M.A.S.) Bi-lingualMinisterios ALMAS en MilwaukeeSpanish, EspañolHispanic 
MilwaukeeNew Hope Hmong Methodist Hmong, HmoobHmong, Hmoob 
MilwaukeeNew Life Hmong Alliance Church Hmong, HmoobHmong, Hmoob 
MilwaukeeRey de Reyes Church of Racine Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
MilwaukeeSouthside Hispanic Church Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
MilwaukeeSpanish Seventh-Day Adventist Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
MilwaukeeTemplo de Alabanza Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
OshkoshHmong United Alliance ChurchOshkosh Hmong Alliance ChurchHmong, HmoobHmong, Hmoob 
RacineCristo Rey Parish Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
RacineIglesia Bautista Renacer Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
RacineIglesia Canann Assembly of God Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
RacineKorean Church of Racine KoreanKorean 
RacinePrimera Iglesia LuteranaFirst Luteran Church, First Lutheran Churchbilingual inglish/spanishall ethnics11:00 sunday
RacineSpanish Pentecostal Church Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
SheboyganCawmdim Assembly of God Hmong, HmoobHmong, Hmoob 
SheboyganHmong Christian Reformed Church Hmong, HmoobHmong, Hmoob 
SheboyganHmong Community Alliance Church Hmong, HmoobHmong, Hmoob 
SheboyganHoly Covenant Alliance Church Hmong, HmoobHmong, Hmoob 
SheboyganIglesia Hispana - Asamblea - Dios Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
Stevens PointHmong Alliance Church Hmong, HmoobHmong, Hmoob 
Sun PrairieHmong New Vision Church Hmong, HmoobHmong, Hmoob 
SuperiorSuperior Hmong Alliance Church Hmong, HmoobHmong, Hmoob 
Two RiversHmong Cornerstone Church Hmong, HmoobHmong, Hmoob 
WaukeshaIglesia Metodista Unida Spanish, EspañolHispanic 
WausauFirst Hmong Missionary Alliance Church  Hmong, HmoobHmong, Hmoob 
WausauHmong Fellowship Hmong, HmoobHmong, Hmoob 
WauwatosaSt. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church MandarinChineseSaturday 7:00 p.m.
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