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ACMI - Association of Christians Ministering among Internationals

ACMI is a bi-national (Canadian/US) network of volunteers and staff of ministries among International Students in North America.

Church Planting

Church Planting Resources

Church Planting - Evangelical Free Church of America

Church Planting Village - North American Missions Board of Southern Baptist Convention

Other Strategic Recommendations

from Ron Hedberg

CitySites Urban Media - Larry Kutzler and crew are probably more in tune with what God is doing in the Twin Cities area than any other person. God is proactively at work these days. And CitySites has had a role helping  numerous ethnic churches and ministries. Podcast available.

School of Urban Ministry - This is a wonderful program to learn about reaching the nations in your own city. Many of the nations have come to us. Just like Abraham, may the nations be blessed through us. I was privileged to help them with some graphics work.

U4C - Urban Cross-Cultural College Consortium - This college program takes the School of Urban Ministry class and expands it into a college major for cross-cultural ministry. I was privileged to help them with graphics and brochure design.

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement - If you haven't taken the Perspectives class, or something similar, please do! It will help you understand this site's references to God's grand plan from Genesis 12 to the last chapter of Revelation. The grand finale is all nations worshipping God before the throne. Take this class and understand why the words "nations" and "peoples" are in the Bible over 600 times!

Global Mapping International (GMI) - Get reference material (much more than maps) and links to many other great resources. For the most part, they serve the world-wide Christian mission with technical skills. I have worked with some of the staff. What servant hearts!

Brigada - Mission minded? Brigada newsletter publicizes the wide variety of resources and needs in the Christian mission community. It is a great way to stay "in touch" with the possibilities.

Mission Frontiers - This is a magazine with articles from most of the top missiologists (mission experts) in the world. It is produced by U.S. Center for World Mission, where I was privileged to work some years ago. Besides being a great encouragement, they tackle the hard questions of the Christian mission today. The September 2001 issue on strategic giving should be required reading for any church spending money on the Christian mission.

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